Bulletin of the Section of Logic 11/3-4 (1982)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Ewa GRACZYNSKA, On regular and symmetric identities II100

  • 2. Bui Huy HIEN, On a problem in algebraic model theory

  • 3. G.E.HUGHES and M.J.CRESSWELL, K1.1 is not canonical

  • 4. Ewa ORLOWSKA, Logic of vague concepts

  • 5. Ewa ORLOWSKA, Tense logic for nondeterministic time

  • 6. Boguslaw WOLNIEWICZ, A closure system for elementary situations

  • 7. Dolph ULRICH, Answer to a question raised by Harrop

  • 8. Miklos FERENCZI, Measures on cylindric algebras

  • 9. Andrzej BIELA and Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, On two properties of structurally complete logics

  • 10. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, There are 2ω with the relevance between R and RM

  • 11. Steve GIAMBRONE, Gentzen systems and decision procedures for relevant logics