Bulletin of the Section of Logic 10/4 (1981)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Richard ROUTLEY, How disjunctive syllogism can be seen as a fallacy of relevance144

  • 2. Pawel M.IDZIAK, A minimal equational base for certain varieties of BCK-algebras152

  • 3. Janis CIRULIS, On the EA-fragment of classical propositional logic158

  • 4. Zdzislaw DYWAN, The necessity of modal logic S5 is metalogical162

  • 5. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Non-existence of a countable strongly adequate matrix semantics for neighbours of E170

  • 6. Wieslaw DZIOBIAK, Concerning axiomatizability of the quasivariety generated by a finite Heyting or topological Boolean algebra177

  • 7. George EPSTEIN and Alfred HORN, A summary of "Core Points in Double Heyting Algebras and Dissectable Lattices"181

  • 8. Newton C.A.da COSTA and Elias H.ALVES, Relations between paraconsistent logic and many-valued logic185