Bulletin of the Section of Logic 10/2 (1981)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Maria NOWAKOWSKA, A new theory of time: generation of time from fuzzy temporal relations56

  • 2. Leon GUMANSKI, The deontic calculus DSC363

  • 3. Laszlo CSIRMAZ, Nonstandard runs and program verification68

  • 4. Teodor STEPIEN, System S-bar75

  • 5. Jacek HAWRANEK and Jan ZYGMUNT, Another proof of Wojtylak's theorem80

  • 6. Balazs BIRO, On the completeness of program verifications methods83

  • 7. George EPSTEIN, On Rine's view of Boolean algebras91

  • 8. Marek PALASINSKI, On a problem on BCK-algebras93