Bulletin of the Section of Logic 1/1 (1972)details

Table of contents

  • 1. Nguen CAT-HO, Generalized algebras of Post and their applications to infinitely many-valued logics with infinitely long formulas

  • 2. Jerzy KOTAS, Logical systems with implication and theories of quasi-implicative algebras

  • 3. Tadeusz KUBINSKI, On logic of deeds

  • 4. Jerzy SLUPECKI and Grzegorz BRYLL, The proof of L-decidability of Lewis' system S5

  • 5. Wojciech SUCHON, On non-equivalence of two definitions of the algebras of Lukasiewicz

  • 6. Andrzej WRONSKI, An algorithm for finding finite axiomatizations of finite intermediate logics

  • 7. Stanislaw J.SURMA, The deduction theorems valid in certain fragments of the Lewis' system S2 and the system of Feys - von Wright

  • 8. Stanislaw J.SURMA, A uniform method of proof of the completeness its extentions

  • 9. Marek TOKARZ, On invariant systems and structural completeness of Lukasiewicz's logic

  • 10. Ryszard WOJCICKI, Some properties of strongly finite propositional calculi